Canine Hoopers Course

Canine Hoopers is a new dog sport that is growing rapidly in the UK. It began in the United States before spreading across the Atlantic to Europe, especially Netherlands and Norway. Canine Hoopers UK was formed to promote the sport in the UK. More than one hundred and sixty trainers throughout the country – including Gary of Gwent Dog Training have successfully qualified as Accredited Instructors.

Canine Hoopers can be as fast (or faster) than agility and just as exciting to take part in. However, because there are no jumps or high impact equipment, and courses are designed to flow without tight turns (wing wraps, back entries etc). It places less ‘wear and tear’ on the dogs’ bodies.

Because the dogs are moving quicker than in agility, handlers needs to hone their skills to an even higher level. While many handlers – especially those coming from agility – choose to initially run with their dogs, the other option is to develop ‘distance handling’ skills. Indeed competition judges may set courses where extra points can be scored by handlers who elect to remain within a small marked area.

Below is video of a Hoopers demo at Crufts in March 2018.


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